Student/School Groups & Educational Tours

Greece is the perfect country for a unique educational experience

  • The classical history, the Greek philosophy and sciences, the amazing archeological sites and museums, the arts that flourished for centuries, the unique coexistence of ancient Greek and Roman, medieval or Byzantine, Ottoman and neoclassical styles in monuments and architectural structures, the influence of mythology but also Christianity, along with the cosmopolitan Athens with the picturesque Old Town and the flea market , the unique Greek islands with the beautiful beaches and the clear blue waters and all scenery work together to make your educational trip an unforgettable memorable experience.
  • Most young Greek people speak excellent English and other languages. Thousands of international students from all over the world choose the country to study in fields related to History, Art, Architecture, Classical Studies or other Sciences.
  • Greece is one of the top destinations for schools and colleges and a safe country to travel.
  • Travelling out of the country for student & school groups should never be taken lightly.
  • Homeric Tours Athens has arranged special educational trips for adult and student prominent colleges, academies, schools and universities from all over the USA. We will work with your team to design the itinerary that suites you the best to create powerful learning experiences by expanding the classroom to the real world. Homeric Tours Athens has a variety of tours and ready tailored programs for your school group or you can request a totally new itinerary that meets all your educational objectives within your budget.
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